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Patent / Nov 05, 2015

A hinged capsule inhaler

  • Ian Mcderment
  • Peter Villax
  • Joao Ventura
  • William Richardson
WO 2015166239

A dry powder inhaler (1) for pulmonary or nasal use, employing capsules (6) containing a dose of powder for inhalation, comprising four components: a capsule tray (2)​, a cover (4) and a mouthpiece (8) and an inhaler body (3)​.  Air is drawn by the patient via the mouthpiece (8) which is in communication with the capsule (6) and travels via air paths through the device (1) and through the capsule (6) thereby dispersing and entraining the dose of powder.  The capsule (6) is cut by cutting means (18, 19) located on the body (3)​.  The inhaler body (3)​, the mouthpiece (8) and the cover (4) are provided with hinge segments (20, 35, 42) which when assembled together and the mouthpiece (8) is locked into the body (3)​, form a single hinge (5) and which allows the cover (4) to freely pivot around the body (3) and the mouthpiece (8)​.