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Case Study / May 06, 2021

Science Turnaround - Case Studies

Science Turnaround - Case Studies | Hovione

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Case Study - Enabling lean manufacturing with Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) | Hovione


Case Study #6 - “Enabling lean manufacturing with Process Analytical Technologies (PAT)"

In this case study, Ricardo Sousa explains how a 20h bottleneck was eliminated by replacing a loss on drying method with NIR, decreasing the stocking time to 5 hours.

Case Study - De-risking scale-up of DPI formulations | Hovione


Case Study #5 - “De-risking scale-up of DPI formulations”

In this case study, João Pereira and Beatriz Fernandes explain how to approach the scale-up of DPI formulations from lab to commercial scale by maintaining scale-independent blending parameters and the capsule filling mechanism, avoiding impact on processability and final product performance. 

Case Study - Hazardous Chemistry at High Temperature | Hovione


Case Study #4 - “Hazardous Chemistry at High Temperature”

In this case study, Rudi Oliveira explains how a hazardous chemical process was approached and how continuous flow was applied to achieve a safer and more efficient process at scale.

Case Study - Understanding crystallization | Hovione


Case Study #3 - "Understanding crystallization"

In this case study, Filipe Vultos and Liliana Silva explain the approach taken to study the physical stability of a multicomponent amorphous solid dispersion formulation with the aim of achieving a better understanding of the crystallization events occurring during stability studies.

Case Study - Reduction of QC burden | Hovione


Case Study #2 - "Reduction of QC burden"

In this case study, André Cruz explains how an analytical bottleneck, that resulted from a combination of a time-consuming analytical technique with a process that involved high throughput of samples, was approached and how Chemometrics allied with Near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy were applied to achieve a faster analytical response that potentiate the increase of productivity for both QC and Production areas.

Case Study - In water we go | Hovione


Case Study #1 - “In water we go”

In the first case study, Susana Lucas explains how a multistep chemical process was approached toward a new synthetic route to achieve an efficient and highly sustainable one-pot scalable process.




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