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Case Study / Mar 05, 2019

Analytical Procedure (Method) Lifecycle Management Drives Method Development at Innovative CDMO

  • Antonio Ramos
  • Alexandra Silva
Waters Corporation, March 2019

In this case study learn how Hovione a global CDMO has standardized on Waters™ instrumentation across many of its locations – particularly ACQUITY™ UPLC™ Systems and ACQUITY PDA and QDa™ Detectors, which support Hovione’s proactive approach to method lifecycle management. The CDMO prides itself on acquiring the best in analytical instrumentation, with accuracy, precision, and reliability being the key performance parameters that are assessed. This has led to the company’s long-standing relationship with Waters.

Overall, Hovione has determined that the combination of Waters instrumentation and AQbD is a powerful strategy for method development that leads to better, faster, greener analytical methods, as well as reduces costs and enables resource optimization. Hovione plans to actively pursue AQbD because of the significant benefits to its customers – and to the company’s business strategy.