State of the art global Supply Chain.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to create a state of the art global Supply Chain.
We aim to achieve a competitive advantage for the company by fully engaging our teams and suppliers in exceeding customer expectations in terms of Quality, Service, Technology and Cost of the products and services we provide.


Our global presence shapes our approach to purchasing both locally and regionally. Procurement is organized by categories of materials and we welcome you to register at our Supplier Relationship Management platform. We are an effective global corporate function with aligned practices, procedures and tools across all sites.

Purchasing criteria

We regard our suppliers as true business partners who share common values and principles, with respect to Legal, Compliance, Business conduct, Quality and HSE.

Supplier Qualification & Quality performance indicators

Our Purchasing Policy requires that Suppliers are approved from a Quality and Regulatory perspective. The Qualification Process follows applicable guidelines and was developed based on industry best practices.

For more information, including our general terms and conditions, please view our Supplier Relationship Management platform.