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Webinar - Dry Powder Inhaler Formulation Development

Tuesday, December 4, 2018 - 16:00
Tuesday, December 4, 2018 - 16:00
Location: online
Webinar - Dry Powder Inhaler Formulation Development | Hovione

Dry powder inhalers are gaining increasing momentum for drug delivery to the lungs. One of the most used and flexible delivery technologies are capsule-based dry powder inhalers.

The successful development of a dry powder inhaler formulation is strongly influenced by the choice of excipient and the ratios between the excipient and active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). The rheological behavior of the powder mixture and its microstructure have a significant impact on several aspects of the final product, such as content uniformity and stability of the formulation, overall aerodynamic performance, deposition patterns and also on the robustness and effectiveness of the capsule filling process.

Beatriz Fernandes, PhD - Scientist DPD
Eunice Costa - Group Leader Inhalation, R&D Drug Product Development

The present webinar focuses on development by design strategies for dry powder inhalation products. Critical development parameters for an integrated design space analysis will be discussed, showing the compromise between different parameters of performance and downstream process. Moreover, the incorporation of novel characterization strategies such as dissolution and microstructure analysis will be explored. Register Now!


Key Learning Objectives:

  • Fundamentals of drug product development for inhalation
  • Development by design strategies to expedite the development of dry powders for inhalation.
  • Dissolution techniques as an in vitro test during dry powder inhaler development
  • Advanced strategies in dry powder inhaler characterization

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