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Webinar - Accelerating the Adoption of Continuous Tableting: The Responsibility of a CDMO

Thursday, January 26, 2023 - 16:00
Location: online
webinar CT 26 Jan 2023


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Anthony Tantuccio  – Fellow of Continuous Tableting at Hovione


Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the current landscape of Continuous Tableting of oral solid dosages
  • Understand the relevance and key points of the control strategy for Continuous Tableting technology
  • Discuss elements of control strategies that are currently being embraced and those that continue to be challenging


The application of continuous manufacturing (CM) of oral solid dosage forms is steadily developing a foundation in the pharmaceutical industry. A CDMOs role is particularly critical for the adoption of CM in that an equipment standard needs to be established where most of the industry can seamlessly integrate with their own development, manufacturing, and supply chains.

During this talk, we will briefly review the current state of adoption of Continuous Tableting (CT) as a subset of CM and highlight key elements of equipment and control strategy necessary to facilitate a deeper penetration the technology across the drug product lifecycle. The themes presented will be applicable for all oral solid dosage CT processes, but with a focus on continuous direct compression process.

The focus of the discussion will be when to apply CT across the product lifecycle and what control strategies might be considered for assurance of robust deployment of continuous direct compression. 


Watch On-demand. 

Gated content. Registration is required.

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