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Patent / Feb 04, 2016

A method of preparing amorphous solid dispersion in submicron range by co-precipitation

  • Marcio Temtem
  • Ruben Pereira
  • Joao Vicente
  • Filipe Gaspar
  • Iris Duarte
WO 2016016665

The present invention discloses a method for producing amorphous solid dispersions in a nanoparticulate form, through solvent controlled co-​pptn., using microfluidization​/microreaction technol. to promote high energy mixing​/interaction at a micro and​/or mol. level between the streams involved in the process. Feed streams, solvent and anti-​solvent, are fed to an intensifier pump at individually controlled rates and forced to interact to micro-​and​/or nano-​scale within a microreactor. The present invention also discloses amorphous solid dispersions obtained by the method of the invention as well as pharmaceutical compns. contg. the same.