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Article / Jan 04, 2021

QbD approach to downstream processing of spray-dried amorphous solid dispersions – a case study

  • João Henriques
  • João Moreira
  • Slavomira Doktorovova
Pharmaceutical Development and Technology, January 4, 2021


In the current study, we demonstrate a structured approach to downstream process development for spray dried amorphous solid dispersions. Direct compression is generally not suitable due to typically poor flow of spray dried powders in tablets. Roller compaction (RC) is therefore the method of choice to enable spray dried dispersion downstream processing. Here, a structured experimental design of RC process parameters was used. The objective was to identify process conditions that lead to improved powder flow without compromising tablet robustness. Ten blends were compacted using different process parameters, and subsequently compressed into tablets. The impact of process parameters on granules and tablet properties was analyzed. We demonstrate that compaction force, gap and mesh aperture have major impact on RC outcomes. A combination of large gap and low force was identified as optimum combination of RC process parameters leading to powder flow improvement that could guarantee low tablet weight variation and at the same prevented loss of blend compressibility.