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Article / Apr 20, 2024

High-dose delivery platform for crystaline DPIs

  • Susana Saldanha
  • Lídia Santos
  • Rui Churro
OnDrugDelivery, 23 April 2024

Respiratory drug delivery has diversified the pipeline and portfolio of diseases that can be treated through this route, including already approved anti-infective medicines for cystic fibrosis or influenza patients, and others in development for pulmonary arterial hypertension, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and other rare lung diseases. Also, the doses and molecules delivered to the lungs have increased in the last years from a few micrograms to milligrams. 
This growth in the delivery of high doses has been observed in pharmaceutical compounds, such as antibiotics, vaccines, proteins and peptides, as well as for the treatment of acute emergency indications via the inhalation route.


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