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Patent / 2016

Methods for preparation of polymorphic forms of crystalline minocycline base with improved solubility profiles for use as antibiotics and anti-inflammatory agents

  • Zita Mendes
  • Constanca Cacela
  • Gloria Ten Figas
  • Ana Fernandez Casares
WO 2016128760
The present invention concerns new forms of cryst. minocycline base. In particular, two new cryst. polymorphic forms, designated Form IV and Form V of minocycline base are provided. These are characterized by x-ray diffraction, FTIR and TGA. Processes for prepg. the polymorphic forms and their use in pharmaceutical compns. are also provided. Form IV and form V are prepd. by dissolving and/or suspending minocycline base in an org. solvent followed by crystn. ~0 Citings