B Corporation

Hovione is on the path to becoming a B Corporation that uses the power of business to contribute to solving social and environmental challenges the world faces today.

Hovione is dedicated to conducting business mindfully. The non-profit organization, B Lab, provides a platform for companies like ours to adopt a social and environmentally conscious outlook and commence on achieving a unifying goal: using business as a force for good.

B Lab certifies corporations just as TransFair certifies Fairtrade coffee and USGBC certifies LEEDs buildings. With the end goal in mind, four principal areas are assessed (governance, workers, community and environment) and a set of rigorous social and environmental standards must be met in order to qualify.

Over the past year, Hovione has embarked on the journey toward receiving a B Corp certification. It is essential to our vison to be a part of such a movement and aim towards working for a higher purpose, as a socially responsible business. A business that serves more than just its shareholders but designates an equal responsibility to serving the community and the planet.


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